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Gilt Residences
Uday Baug, Ghorpadi, pune
MAHARERA : P52100001614
Carpet Area
2.25 CR*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Gilt Residences
Gilt, an exquisite thin foil made of gold, a creation that truly represents a class apart finesse, a shining icon of efforts taken to reach the perfection. A beauty only an aesthete can notice. A beauty so delicate, it can only be compared with the colours on the butterfly wings. A beauty so contagious that even the slightest touch leaves an impressive of it on your hands. That is exactly what these residences are. An essence that touches everything around only to make it more precious, only to make it more desirable. Imagine a of it, in your life.
Experience a sparkling lifestyle
Everyone who is a resident of Gilt Residences is blessed with riches of a sparkling lifestyle. The state-of-the-art amenities are nothing less than perfection that enhances the elegance. Every moment you live in this bright and beautiful paradise, you feel one and the only thing - pure joy!
Get your own master suite
Every brick of the walls at Gilt Residences has been laid with the utmost care and attention to the needs of a fast moving, rapidly evolving, increasingly successful life,the homes here have been designed to be come symbols of pride, luxury, faith in one self and prosperity
Adding more beauty to your life
Homes at Gilt Residences are adorned with contemporary fittings that will leave you speechless. Right from the attractive flooring to the lively walls, everything is a treat for your eyes. So indulge in the luxury, revel in every moment.
A location that connects you to more
Welcome to an upcoming area with a refreshing mix of nature and city life. Gilt Residences keeps you well connected to all important destinations and daily necessities. Besides, it enjoys a rising value, promising you more returns. This makes it the most desirable investment option you could ever think of.
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Earthquake resistant RCC framed structure
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